The G & l ASAT Bass really is a one of a kind bass guitar. With its looks, electronics and pickup configuration there’s no other bass like it outside the G & L family.

The telecaster body obviously influenced by Leo Fenders fender telecaster design is a very unique design to have on a bass , seeing as it is one of the iconic guitar shapes. The body of the bass is made of high quality swamp ash , Its lacquered finish brings out the grain in the wood on the finish . The Assat has a  six bolt neck joins onto body at the  17th fret which feels slightly odd to begin because it feels like a high quality floating neck up to that point. With the body being slightly smaller  than normal it can feel slightly neck heavy but can be easily resolved with a weight on the end of a strap.


The lacquered Maple neck and fretboard comes with jumbo frets making it effortless to play and extremely consistent with no fret buzz at all even on the 21st fret ! No boomy or dull notes through an amplifier show quality craftsmanship in making the bass resonate properly. The  size of the G&L chrome plated bridge is quite a statement to look at. The bridge looks and feels solid on the bass and reminds me of the Hip Shop Badass bass bridges which were put onto a  lot signature basses .


The Real Beauty of any G&L bass guitar is the pickup configuration and electronics.

 The Two MDF Humbucking pickups are absolute monsters with the the 3 switch electronics giving more choices and options than you ever need. The first switch is the pickup selection consisting of Neck, Both and Bridge Pickup on. The Neck pickup is extremely aggressive, raw and middy sounding similar to a  precision . Both Pickups on is that classic slightly scooped even sound you get with a jazz bass but thicker sounding. The Bridge Pickup sounds nasally and honky for you Jaco enthusiasts . The Second switch is Series or Parallel. Series mode Is serious powerful sounding with the output being around 30% hotter signal. The signal from pickup one goes into the second pickup doubling up on power for that beefy thick thumping sound. Parallel mode has a very Music Man smooth, glistening sound to it which makes the notes sound crystal clear. In Parallel the pickup signals get diverted into two separate signals. The third Switch is active preamp with treble boost super useful for having some extra top end to cut through in the mix.


The Active preamp has all the great tonal qualities of a passive bass but with extra power and doesn't just sound like a Preamp like a lot of active basses do. The Sound is more like a passive bass on steroids ! The Passive mode sounds like a high-quality Fender bass but with more choices because of the pickup selections. The bass also works in passive mode without a battery which is a lifesaver for a gigging musician. The 3 Knobs on the bass are passive volume, passive treble and passive bass.


The G & L delivers above expectation and delivers the high-quality attention and feel you expect from a $2000 USA made Bass guitar.

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